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5 Questions to Help You Create Goals With Staying Power

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RSS 14 May 2009
Many of us are taught from an early age to set our sights on an achievement, and then take certain steps to make it happen. Especially as a solo professional it's even more important to create goals that excite, challenge, and propel you to the next level of your business.

However, we sometimes set goals that aren't right for us; they just don't stick and we fail to achieve what we set out to do.

So, how do you know if a goal is right for you? Read on for 5 questions to ask when setting a business goal:

Does the goal excite you or feel you with dread?

Your first reaction might be to answer "both." But don't confuse dread with discomfort. If you're filled with dread, even planning the next step will be difficult. With dread comes procrastination, and that can hurt your self-confidence. If a goal truly excites you, you'll look forward to taking the small steps toward achievement and accept that there will be discomfort along the way.

How will you feel once you accomplish it?

List what you expect to experience once you've hit the mark. If the feelings are anything less than positive, re-examine your motivations.

Will you move forward personally or professionally?

Determine if the achievement will bring you to the next level in your business or life. For example, will it increase your revenue, create deep personal satisfaction, or make the community a better place? If it's something that you will simply check off your list, re-examine it.

Does the goal complement a strength or try to improve a weakness?

Many of us have taken assessments to learn our strengths and weaknesses. We often set goals that try to improve a weakness, rather than play to a strength. For example, you've set a goal to meet 5-10 potential clients within your target market. You're great at in-person discussions but feel uncomfortable with the phone. Which is the better way to reach out to potential clients - using a list of names to cold call, or attending a small networking event that serves your target market? Always play to your strengths.

Is it truly YOUR goal?

Sometimes we set out to achieve things that don't reflect our values or dreams. Those goals really aren't ours, they belong to someone else. Maybe you want approval from an important person, or it just seems like a logical next step that others have taken on a similar path. This last question may become easier to answer after reflecting on the first four questions. The answer to this question needs to be an unequivocal yes!

Use these 5 questions to set your next goals and follow your own path to success!

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Amy Franco
14th May 2009

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