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Are We in the Midst of a Business Revolution?

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RSS 04 June 2009
Freelancers and Contractors Change the World of Work.

New research commissioned by HSBC suggests that advancing technologies and different working methods are changing business more significantly than at any time since the Industrial Revolution.

Are you evolving, or revolving?

It seems that freelancers, entrepreneurs and those in creative industries are leading the charge into a bold new future. Innovations like 'referral economists', 'slash/slash careerists', and 'bleisure' are pulling and pushing business in new directions, and cluttering up dictionaries with dubious new jargon, such as...

Do you love what you do for a living? Do you do what you love for a living? You may be experiencing 'bleisure' - it's what happens when business and leisure intersect. It's not dangerous, so enjoy it!

Slash/slash careerists
Are you a freelance surgeon/funeral director? Or maybe you're a Ruby Developer/Digital Content Strategist. Or a Freelance Magnifier/Trapeze Escapologist/Personal Trainer. If your job title looks anything like this, you're a slash/slash careerist. 

Referral Economist
Well-connected individuals (
self-facilitating media nodes?) who make a business out of connecting others.

The North-South Divide

The report, by HSBC Commercial Banking and The Future Laboratory, is the result of interviews with 18 industry experts and a survey of 500 experts and entrepreneurs. One interesting discovery to emerge is the shifting balance in fortunes between the north and south.

Traditionally the south has been wealthier and more successful. Now, tougher competition and higher living costs are sending entrepreneurs north. Is the future of British business in the north?   

Do you think the proliferation of freelance and contract working styles is changing the way the world works?

This page was supplied by Bedouin Group. The Bedouin Group provides a unique structure for contractors and temporary workers allowing them to receive more money in their pocket for the hard work they perform.

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