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RSS 11 June 2009
I promised last time to return to something closer to the freelancer heart. And so I will at least for the first half of the article.

And there is nothing closer to our heart than money and in particular the job market. This is my 3rd recession now and the last 2 have followed the same pattern. 1 medium year, 2 bad years, 1 medium year. Things started to get a bit ropey from Spring 2007 : so I think this year will be a rough one. Come Spring next year things will be better : but I dont see a real improvement until Spring 2010.

Of course long term there are alot of Indians taking jobs : either by offshoring or coming to the UK. But there are fewer IT graduates entering the market. Overall I think this next 10 years will mark the end of IT in this country and after that we will be left with chavs. However I have a solution. When those terrorists attacked Mumbai last year why did they attack the tourist industry? It hardly affected India atall. Why not hit the Microsoft campus in Bangalore? Hit India where it really hurts.

So for the moment sit tight and then make the most of the upturn to come. Then emigrate!

HMRC have not helped the current state of affairs. The organization is a total mess : to show how bad things are they even employ my ex-wife! The current attack on montpelier and others using retrospective legislation is a disgrace. If HMRC win then we should be allowed to retrospectively resubmit our tax returns.

Worse is the current state of parliament. We get no choice but to vote in somebody. Why cant we vote for no mp atall? About time there was just a salary for doing the job. A low one. Like nurses, we need those who are committed to serving other people and not lining their own pockets.

Of course people get the parliament they deserve and as a nation we seem to put up with any old rubbish. Why aren't the gates of parliament being stormed by angry mobs?

Of course the major event of the last month was the wedding of the f4j head honcho. Nice to see so many committed activists in 1 room : and no Babylon in sight! Of couse this event will be eclipsed by my own wedding next month. Which in turn will be eclipsed by my stag do which will be a tour of East End Stripper bars to take place on June 26th. I hope lots of girls waggle their bits at me and I leave before midnight. nd not on the night turn to Edinburgh.

I was a die hard single man : but Mrs Brillopad's unexpected birth 2 years ago made getting married inevitable. I would have had the snip but she was medically certified as infertile. I guess that is the power of my super sperm!

And on that lovely image I will leave you until next month.....

BrilloPad (Legend)
freelancesupermarket.com Blogger
11th June 2009

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Image: Hang on! by Shermeee

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