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Contractors beware – trespassers will be shot… in the back with bureaucracy

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RSS 18 June 2009
In a recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 40% of the respondents said there had been a rise in office politics, 36% said there had been redundancies made and 18% reported that pay had been frozen.

So, taking into account the snapshot results of the 3,000 employees surveyed, contractors have the huge advantage that they are able to steer clear of office politics.

The position that all freelance contract workers find themselves in, on reflection of this latest survey by CIPD, is certainly an advantageous one over their salaried counterparts. Yes, contracting comes with its levels of uncertainty but as we all know, contractor workers are notorious for their resilient and survival-led mindsets.

The argument here will no doubt be; how can contractors be in a more advantageous position than permanent staff. This is one that we could debate for a long time, but a major factor in the 'case for contractors' is that if they chose to work with an umbrella that has added employee benefits, they could even come out of the battle with even more. Inclusive insurances, free training opportunities, discounted private healthcare - full statutory employment rights - just some of the benefits contractors receive through certain umbrella firms such as Crystal Umbrella.

The survey also shows that the impact of the recession has been a major factor in employees' levels of stress, with the threat of pay freezes and redundancies and the last thing that employers want is diminished health amongst their workers, when they need them more than ever to ensure that the day to day running of their companies takes place at an increased level of productivity.

Another interesting fact from the survey is that it highlights problems with how people are managed. Although most people feel supported and treated fairly by their line manager they are much less happy with the extent their manager discusses their training and development, gives feedback or coaches them. Employees are particularly critical of senior managers, with less than a fifth agreeing that they trust them and only a quarter agreeing that they consult employees about important decisions.

Contractors - stay well clear of the political environment in your place of work, and feel content in the fact that you could turn to your umbrella for support, rather than go through the bureaucratic labyrinth that is the route for your permanent colleagues.

Plus if you chose an industry leading supplier such as Crystal Umbrella, you will never have to rely on your employer to govern your training needs or development. Crystal Professional Development (CPD) is the dedicated training arm of our Umbrella which offers all the support you need.

For further information on this article or Crystal Umbrella, please contact the New Business Team via www.crystalumbrella.com or 0800 848 810.

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Image: No Trespassing by Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale

18th June 2009

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