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Twitter: Are You a Quitter?

Are you into social networking or do you prefer to watch?

While it might seem like everyone is feverishly tweeting (using the micro-blogging service Twitter), in reality many users don't make the site a big part of their life. In fact, over 50% of users 'tweet' less than once in every 74 days.

And it seems that a hardcore minority of Twitter users are doing the majority of the work. Just 10% of users do 90% of the twittering!

Social Networking for Freelancers?

The discoveries made by the Harvard study of 300,000 users seem to contradict great swathes of hype that surround Twitter. So what is Twitter? Is it a versatile tool that can help freelancers and contractors, or a vast, time-draining chat-room? Should you be twittering your fingers into a state of rabid RSI or doing something more worthwhile?

Let's evaluate Twitter's potential:


  1. Chat with all kinds of big-wigs. It's a rare opportunity to chat with people who would never answer your emails.
  2. Be nice and help people - feel warm and furry as a result.
  3. Expand your network - be heard and build support.


  1. Discover what people had for breakfast.
  2. It's like crack - very addictive but leaves you feeling cold and empty.
  3. Read what tedious people are thinking, all the time.

Killing two birds...?

So what's the answer? Is Twitter a golden gift from God - a chance to supercharge your marketing and personal fame? Or is it Satan's wicked tool - leading you into time-wasting temptation?

I suspect the answer lies in you. If you like chatting to colleagues, friends and contacts and seeing what everyone's up to, you can probably do great things with Twitter. But if your network is established and you prefer to get on with real work, then leave the bird in the bush.

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