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There’s good reason to celebrate National Freelancers Day

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RSS 22 November 2010
It’s National Freelancers Day today (November 23rd) and over the past few weeks the PCG has been celebrating the role freelancers play in the UK by holding a series of discussion events throughout Britain.

Today the PCG is staging its first Freelance Lecture at London's Stationers' Hall. Supported by the Daily Telegraph and hosted by Sue Lawley, attendees will be able to hear Dr James Bellini talk about the future of work and in particular why people see freelancing as the work model for the 21st century.

So why is freelancing becoming so popular? Are we all fed up with answering to somebody else and getting little reward for all our hard labour? They are definitely good reasons for going it alone, but there are also others.

We all want to live a happy life and according to a survey conducted by the PCG to mark National Freelancers Day, freelancers in general are happy with their lot. The majority of freelancers say their relationships, health and financial situations are all better now that they no longer work as a salaried employee. They also believe there are ample opportunities out there and businesses see them as an essential element of the UK's economic growth. No wonder then that 73% of them have chosen freelancing as a long-term career option.

44% of businesses said they would use freelancers to manage workload peaks and make use of their skills if they didn't have the necessary expertise in-house. 58% of businesses, and 62% of freelancers use recruitment agencies but both also said that networking has a big role to play when they are looking for skilled workers or contracts.

Interestingly, freelancers think that businesses look first to their career history, recommendations and personality and then consider qualifications and rate. However, the opposite is in fact true with businesses primarily focusing on rate and qualifications.

Both freelancers and business owners feel that adaptability is the most important attribute to a successful working partnership. Good communication skills are also ranked highly by both parties. Time management is ranked as the third most important attribute by businesses whilst freelancers thought the ability to solve problems came in at number three.

The economic crisis has resulted in an increase in freelancers over the last 12 months but the overall outlook still looks good. 60% of businesses admitted they would find it hard to operate without freelancers and only 27% expect to decrease their usage of freelancers in 2011.

Why did you choose to become a freelancer? How has your life changed as a result? We'd love to read your comments...

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