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Freelancers use an average of 3,400 litres of water per day!

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RSS 14 October 2010
It’s Blog Action Day on Friday 15th of October and this year the theme is water.

Many of the world's top 100 blogs will be taking part, including Unicef, Action against Hunger and the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund. We didn't want to be left out, so this week's blog post is also about water.

Look around you and think of all the different ways we use water. Drinking, cooking, baths, showers, flushing the toilet and washing clothes between them account for about 150 litres per person per day. That sounds like quite a lot doesn't it? But 150 litres a day is a mere drop of what we actually consume! The average person in the UK actually consumes more than 3,400 litres of water every single day!

Out of 3,400 litres, a mere 0.2% is used for drinking, 4.2% is used for domestic purposes such as cooking and cleaning, 30.6% is embedded in industrial goods and a massive 65% is embedded in the food that we eat. By embedded, we mean the amount of water taken to make an item. So for example, a single microchip weighing 2 grams could have 32 litres of water embedded in it, a sheet of A4 paper has 10 litres, and it takes more than 400,000 litres of water to make an average car.

Everybody, freelancers included, can do their bit to help save water. Simple measures like fixing a dripping tap can save 5,500 litres a year. Invest in a modern dishwasher which will use a quarter of the water consumed by washing the dishes by hand, but make sure you fill it, a half full dishwasher is not going to be water efficient. The same goes for is true for washing machines. 2 half loads use more water than one full load, sp resist the temptation to turn on the washing machine every time you have a couple of items to wash.

Have you already implemented water saving measures in your home? Are you seeing the benefits? What other ways of saving water can our readers come up with?

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