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freelancesupermarket.com has compiled a clever set of interactive freelance calculators. From PAYE employee to Umbrella take home, from  Personal Service Company (PSC) to IR35, we've got the lot here. Why not try our Agency Salary Uplift calculator, which provides an indication of a contractor's Umbrella / Limited Company rate against their quoted agency PAYE rate. Or perhaps our mortgage or loan calculators that give you an idea of of your monthly repayments for a given balance and rate.

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PAYE Employee Calculator
  • Gross monthly pay
  • Tax code number
  • Tax code letters
  • PAYE taxes calculated
PSC Calculator
  • Hourly / daly rate
  • Monthly contract value
  • Percentage tax paid
  • Take home percentage
IR35 Calculator
  • Hourly rate
  • Expenses per week
  • Take home inside IR35
  • Take home outside IR35
Mortgage Calculator
  • Mortgage type & term
  • Loan amount
  • Annual interest charged
  • Monthly repayments
Agency Salary Uplift
  • Agency PAYE rate
  • Typical hours per week
  • Total cost per hour
  • Agency LTD rate
Umbrella Calculator
  • Hours & rate per week
  • Expenses per week
  • Take home percentage
  • Net take home pay
Employment Status Indicator
  • For workers AND engagers
  • Personal service required?
  • Mutual obligation?
  • Employed or self employed?
Loan Calculator
  • Loan amount & term
  • Annual interest charged
  • Monthly repayments
  • Total repayments

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