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Confirmation of Compliance

MSCs, Composites, IR35, Income Shifting & Dispensations

Since the introduction of IR35 in 2000, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have implemented a series of tax proposals aimed at improving compliance within the freelancing industry. It is now more important than ever for contractors and agencies to protect themselves by only working with compliant providers.

HMRC has expressed a view to support those organisations (including Umbrellas and Contractor Accountants) who seek to comply with current tax law, but come down hard on those who seek an unfair advantage through non-compliance.

It is our view that compliance will play an increasingly more important role over the coming months and years in the freelance industry; we have therefore reflected this within our scoring system for Umbrellas and ASPs.

With the absence of any HMRC audit standard, freelancesupermarket.com can only report on information or facts that are already available in the public domain. Furthermore, it is difficult if not impossible to subjectively score an organisation's level of compliance without first having a blueprint of what is compliant and what is not.

Our 'audited & approved' confirmation simply seeks to clarify whether or not an Umbrella / ASP has been subject to third party audit (either HMRC or other) within the past 12 months. Although this is not an indicator of true compliance, contractors and freelance agencies can have some assurance that they will not fall foul of HMRC.

Umbrellas / ASPs

You can send us confirmation of a recent audit (within the last 12 months) by emailing the relevant documentation to compliance@freelancesupermarket.com. The information we receive will be treated with the strictest confidence and subject to our highest levels of data protection.

Subject to us receiving satisfactory confirmation, your 'audited and approved' score will be updated within 48 hours.

Audit Providers

Over the last 2 years, we have been contacted by number of Umbrella Companies and ASPs regarding HMRC compliance and the type of audits we accept.

If your business operates an Umbrella, Limited Company, CIS or Sole Trader service, there are several audit providers on the market that may meet our compliance standards.

Qdos Employment Business Solution

For those companies that have yet to be fully audited, we've teamed up with Qdos Consulting who have developed the Employment Business Solution or EBS.

The Qdos EBS is in-depth on-site audit that covers:

• Contractual arrangements with third parties
• Current HR arrangements in respect of compliance, systems and procedures
• Each aspect of your business operations and how it complies with current tax legislation.

A detailed independent report will follow defining areas of compliance, non compliance and risks associated with appropriate recommendations for your business.

Following the Qdos EBS Audit, businesses will be able to promote that they have been audited by Qdos, they will also have their 'audited and approved' status updated on their freelancesupermarket.com profile.

With the Qdos EBS Audit and/or Qdos EBS Endorsement your clients will see that you are successful in meeting the requirements of compliance and quality, thus increasing their confidence in your services.

For more information please visit the Qdos website, or contact them on 01455 852 028 or email: ebs@qdosconsulting.com

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