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number of times viewed: 2006

Photo of Myles Arnott

Myles Arnott

Job Title:Financial Managem…Industry:Accounting, Finan…
Areas:BristolTotal score:107,800
Available:YesNo. of views:2006
Location:BristolMember since:October 2009
Contract:3 - 6 monthsNo. of reviews:3

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  • Q:
    What makes a good freelance contractor?
  • A:
    You should aim to obviously provide great work whilst contracted, but ideally your work should continue even when you’re no longer anywhere near the client. You don’t want the employees for the client thinking “we have no idea what he or she has done or how to use their program” when you leave
  • Q:
    Has the economic downturn affected your work?
  • A:
    Yes, I have had a contract end early. I’ve had to be proactive to find new work. At the moment the economy is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Companies believe that things are bad so they act as if the worst will happen, even if they are unaffected so far.
  • Q:
    How can the government provide more support to UK contractors?
  • A:
    IR35 should definitely be clarified at the very least.
  • Q:
    What would you change about the UK freelance recruitment market?
  • A:
    I don’t think I would change much. For the honest and decent agents and agencies at least. The great thing about this site is that it will help people see who really is well regarded.
  • Q:
    What’s your plans for the rest of 2009
  • A:
    Just keeping working until the economy as a whole picks up.

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