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Data Integrity Policy

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At freelancesupermarket.com, our number one priority is to manage, maintain and preserve the integrity of our freelance performance data.

We have invested significant amounts of time, energy and money devising a process to safeguard this data.  By following our strict verification procedure (outlined below), we can be confident that the feedback scoring on our website is reliable and not distorted by human error or disingenuous activities.

Over time, our focused and continual attention to the data will enable us to draw meaningful conclusions about the shape of the freelance industry in the UK.

As a user, we hope you respect and adhere to our data integrity policy. freelancesupermarket.com will allow you to showcase your services on a national level but abuse of our website cannot and will not be tolerated.

If you have a question about your profile, or if you feel your account has been removed unfairly, please email profiles@freelancesupermarket.com.

Scoring Verification Process

Level One: User Creation

We are notified when a new user creates an online profile. Each profile is given a unique verification reference number, visible only to the freelancesupermarket team. The reference number indicates whether or not a profile has been authorised for full feedback status (Level Two).

At certain designated times of the day; a member of the Profile Verification Team will perform a short 'integrity analysis' on all new accounts to check for anomalies. Each review takes about 2-3 minutes and profiles are only released into full feedback status (Level 2) once we are confident that the account is valid (i.e. non fictitious).

Level Two: User Feedback

Having been approved to provide feedback, user accounts are monitored closely by our behavioural activity software. This technology has been developed as part of an automated validation system to track feedback patterns over a period of time. If we are alerted to unusual or suspicious activity, the user account is passed back to the Profile Verification Team for a full due diligence review.

Level Three: User Due Diligence

This process can take up to 30 minutes per profile and involves a full and comprehensive review. A senior member of the Profile Verification Team will perform various checks on the details contained within the account in an attempt to identify whether or not it should be blacklisted and removed from our database. In this event, all previous feedback generated by the user will be wiped from the system and the league tables recalculated.

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