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AEMC call for “fresh approach to freelancing”

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There are currently 1.4 million workers in the UK who work in a freelance capacity and the government needs to start acknowledging the contribution that these workers make towards the economy.

This is the message that has been sent loud and clear by the Association of Employment Management Companies (AEMC).

They believe that those responsible for policy have yet to realise the benefit of the UK's flexible workforce and the depth of the skills they possess.

AEMC recently published a blog in which they praised contractors and called for the government to recognise their worth in a "fresh approach to freelancing". They also requested that the regulatory burden which is placed on individuals who choose to work in this manner be removed.

As we move towards the next general election, AMEC will be lobbying political parties for fairer tax systems for freelancers. They will also be campaigning for a change to the costs associated with the tendering process which, at present, can often prevent contractors from competing with big businesses.

The blog post read: "The next government must encourage freelancing as a flexible, innovative and entrepreneurial way of working that enables business to perform more cost effectively, especially when recovering from recession."

Crystal Umbrella has noted a dramatic increase in the volume of temporary placements throughout December. This has been echoed so far in January 2010. Similarly, the most recent Recruitment and Employment Confederation / KPMG Report on Jobs confirmed that December saw the sharpest rise in temporary contracts for 30 months.

Story by Crystal Umbrella. Voted by best umbrella company 2009 by readers of freelancesupermarket.com

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