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Tax Disputes and the How to Tackle Them

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Paying taxes to local and national governments is something that we are all required by national law and it just makes only a part of our duties as a UK citizen.

Taxes are paid for many reasons, not only to fund the government, but also to enable the government do something for its citizens such as to provide better social services or benefits, improvement of infrastructure and protective services. Paying taxes, however, is also an issue that creates many discrepancies and disagreements each and every year. Due to the fact that disputes are a standard part of the tax paying process and that the majority of taxpayers will file a dispute at some time or another, the HMRC department was founded.

The HMRC or Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, was the result of merging the Inland Revenue together with the HM customs and the Excise department. Its formation was meant to ensure that every citizen and every employee will pay the correct amount of taxes on time as well as receive services that they have a right to receive from the government.

It was a necessary move since the number of citizens finding loopholes and thus finding ways of avoiding tax payments was increasing at an alarming rate. Another task is that this department sorts out the benefits that you are supposed to receive as compensation for paying your taxes.

Since the department of HRMC was formed mainly to take care of all the taxes that should be paid to the government, it also has to monitor the benefits that the people have after paying their taxes. These two functions go hand-in-hand. The HMRC collects and administers both direct taxes and indirect taxes from all sources and it also pays out, among other social priorities, child benefits and watches over the child trust fund. Any of your taxcredits are also paid out by the HMRC each year.

Moreover, the HRMC is responsible for out protection through the enforcing and administering services like border and frontier protection. It is also there in order to keep the environment safe by handing out environment taxes.

The national minimum wage is strictly enforced by this department so that all employees get a minimum income in the country. Another function includes special favor to students by helping in the recovery of student loans so that every student can concentrate on their studies and not have to worry about the financing by receiving all the financialaid that is available.

There are times, however, when audits made by the HMRC raises certain tax disputes. These enquiries can be at any point of time and can also be erratic in their frequency and because of that many people tend to lose a lot of money to deal with and come out of the disputes.

It can happen to anyone and even to you. Therefore, the best thing is that you contact your local tax consultancy services to get proper advice on how to deal with tax enquiries and Vat disputes. You will also need advice and guidance on IR35 and other employment status issues that you might not even be aware of that they exist. Just make sure you ask about these and get the right information to help you deal with various problems.

Another way to handle any unpleasant audits by the HMRC is to have the tax insurance. Tax insurance is an insurance policy that will cover all of the necessary professional fees incurred by a HMRC enquiry.

This includes self assessment enquiries as well as disputes that are arising from VAT enquiries and employer compliance review. This can be had by any person who is submitting a HRMC self assessment return. All businesses that are VAT registered are entitled to this insurance and this should be seriously considered since the HRMC has the power to open an audit on any tax return without giving any kind of reason.

Thus, to protect yourself from any losses it is best to apply for tax insurance before anything happens as this will help you to save money which you worked so hard for.

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