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Director’s & Officers

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Any director or officer looking after a company should not act outside their own authority, or commit the company to transactions or agreements that are outside the law or outside their own companies Memorandum.

Freelancers working through a limited company should avoid placing themselves in a position where their personal interest conflicts with those of the company.

The law now permits directors to be able to protect and insure themselves against any liability for negligence, default, breach of duty, and breach of trust, this can include insurance for criminal proceedings that may be brought against a director or officer of a company.

If you're still unsure, let us explode some myths:-

Directors have limited liability - NO THEY DO NOT!
I don't have a title director, so I can't be held liable - YES YOU CAN !
The company can indemnify us - NOT IF IT GOES BUST!
We are only a small company - THE SAME LAWS APPLY!
They cannot touch my personal assets - YES THEY CAN !

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