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Contractor Pensions

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As of April 2006 contractors have much more flexibility in their pension arrangements, with the ability to invest up to 100% of their salary into a pension.

Why was this good news?

Put simply, following the changes introduced from IR35 legislation pensions are one of the most tax-efficient ways of investing, since payments to a pension are made from gross income (before tax). Contractors who work through a limited company also have the option to make payments directly from their company bank account. 

Pensions are complex and you should always seek professional advice, but in general contractors should consider certain attributes when choosing a provider. You should look for flexible policies that give you the ability to change contributions regularly depending on your income and a pension that will recognised that you might not always be a contractor.  

Due to the intricacies of pension rules and the nature of your occupation as a contractor, you may find that general providers are not able to maximise your investment.  freelancesupermarket.com members have easy access to pension providers who specialise in this field.

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