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At the heart of our website lies a rating system which encourages excellence in the freelance industry. To enhance our user-friendliness and enable freelance service providers to be evaluated rapidly and efficiently, a 5 point competency scoring system has been developed.

A user’s UK and Industry league position is directly linked to their competency score. Agencies, Umbrellas and ASPs are also judged by the quality of their contractor benefits package and standard of compliance.

Our scoring system has been designed following extensive consultation with the freelance industry. The scores registered on our website are therefore based on user feedback and fact alone. freelancesupermarket.com does not provide descriptive or subjective feedback for any individual or company.

Before providing feedback, we would ask you to read our Data Integrity Policy which outlines the steps we take to protect and safeguard our performance data.


Each competency has a score out of 10. There are 5 competencies for each user. The average score (per competency) is added together to give a total competency score out of 50.

Contractor Competencies
Agent Competencies
Agency Competencies
Umbrella / ASP Competencies 

Bonus Points

Scoring Bonus: Users are rewarded an extra 0.5 points each time they receive 10 out of 10 for a particular competency.

Volume Bonus: Users are rewarded an extra 0.1 points each time they receive feedback through our website. This provides an incentive to request feedback whenever possible.

Benefits Package (Agencies, Umbrellas & ASPs)

Companies are rewarded a maximum of 10 points for their respective contractor benefits package. Each benefit provided equates to 1 point.

Audited & Approved (Umbrellas & ASPs)

Umbrellas & ASPs will receive an extra 40 points if they can provide evidence that they have been subject to a third party audit (HMRC or other) within the last 12 months. Further details are available here.

Total Score

Contractors / Agents: (competency score (100%) + bonus) x 1000
(client to contractor feedback counts as double when the end client actions our feedback email)

Agencies: ((competency score (90%) + benefits package (10%) + bonus ) x 1000
Umbrella / ASPs: ((competency score (50%) + A&A (40%) + benefits package (10%) + bonus) x 1000

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