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Are you new to freelancing or contracting? Are you enjoying your new-found freedom and wealth, but struggling with some of the additional responsibilities they bring? Freelancing and contracting are immensely rewarding but potentially very challenging. You can't just rock up to work at nine, stare gormlessly at a computer screen for eight hours, then dash out the door at five, all performed with your brain somewhere in a field in Hampshire. Successful freelancing and contracting demand thought, focus, hard work and an understanding of the business world.

Even if you're a highly-decorated veteran of the freelance battlefield, you may have an old shrapnel wound that's holding you back, or a tricky tax fracas that needs the Freelance Supermarket Shock and Awe treatment. You may be struggling to organise your administration (boring!) or wondering how to achieve a healthy balance between your work and social lives. We're here to help!

We at are determined to create a website that gives you everything you need as a freelancer or contractor. To make sure that we write news and advice that is needed and useful, we'd like you to help us.

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We're going to be wading into the forum from time to time to ask for ideas, suggestions and your own advice. We reckon that freelancers and contractors like you have some of the best advice available, garnered from long tours of duty in the War on Regular Employment.

What if...?

Our first question to forum members is: "What questions, starting with 'What if' would you like us to answer?"

We've already had a few suggestions from one thoughtful contributor:

Whatever your question...

Whatever you want to know about freelancing and contracting, ask us, and we'll answer it. Stuff like:

Don't forget to check out the forum for new questions or discussions. And if you have any great tips for your freelancing and contracting colleagues, or brilliant books that have helped you get ahead, share them!