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Social Networking: Good for You, Good for Your Career

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RSS 10 March 2009
Lately, the papers are all in a muddle about social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Is social media giving us cancer, or damaging children’s brains?

Now, the New Scientist (Why Facebook is Good for You) is reassuring us that social networking is not the work of the devil, nor is it going to kill you or your children. The New Scientist goes further and reminds us that:

"Using the internet and social networking sites actually appears to reduce loneliness and improve well-being."

Social Media for Business Networking

Of course, social networking isn't just a great way to maintain your friendships: business networks can also be expanded and developed with social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and FriendFeed.

Direct Access to Employers

Social media allows unparalleled access to employers, entrepreneurs and peers. Clever use of social media provides freelancers and contractors with a powerful method for self-promotion.

(Social) Time Well Spent

Maintaining a social media presence requires time and thought, but it's free marketing that can have a very real impact on job prospects - potentially allowing you to bypass traditional recruitment processes.

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