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Naked freelancer paints a giraffe

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RSS 08 July 2009
A freelance contractor from Bristol was yesterday arrested following a bizarre PR stunt that had locals in hysterics.

Police were called to a disturbance in center of the City at about 3.30pm on Tuesday 7th July. At the same time, reports of a naked gentleman acting strangely in the area were being received.

Lance Hooper Bartlett, 33, greeted several officers outside the City's Hippodrome Theatre. According to reports, Mr Bartlett had removed his clothes and has spent well over an hour painting a giant inflatable giraffe.

When later questioned about his actions, Mr Barlett calmly explained to freelancesupermarket.com that the naked giraffe painting was merely a PR stunt to highlight his growing concern about the Agency Workers Directive. The Directive, which will give temporary workers similar rights to permanent employees following 12 weeks work, has been widely criticised in the UK.

According to Mr Bartlett, who is also strongly opposed to IR35 and Family Business Tax , this will not be the end of his seemingly outrageous protests. "I have other stunts planned but the Agency Workers Directive is my top priority - it's a joke. In it's current form, the rather flaky legislation will have a devastating impact on freelance contractors and freelance recruitment in the UK as a whole."

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