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RSS 20 July 2009
Despite around 45 million of us taking summer holidays each year, half of UK workers feel stressed again almost as soon as they return to work.

A recent survey found that a staggering 50% of UK employees lose all feelings of relaxation and wellbeing on their first day back in the office, claiming that they feel as if they had never been away.

A third of us feel stressed within a few weeks of being back at work, with only 15% claiming that their job doesn't inflict stress on them in the first place.

Monster.co.uk recently asked 1848 workers throughout the UK, "How long after you have been back from holiday do you feel stressed again?"

The main findings are as follows:

- 50% The minute I get back it feels like I have never been away
- 29% Quite quickly, within the first few weeks
- 15% I don't get stressed at work, it is only a job
- 6% Takes a while, after about 3 months

Martin Smith, author of The Definition Method, and owner of the popular how to get a six pack website, recommends the following tips to help UK workers get the best out of their holidays:

- Get organised - do your holiday packing and preparations as early as possible. Rushing frantically to make the flight won't start your holiday on a relaxed note

- Don't make your last day in the office stressful. Hand over your work projects a day early and ensure your colleagues are fully briefed on all work they need to take over - this minimises the need for them to disturb you on your holiday

- Book a holiday that will help you to relax - don't book an all inclusive spa break if extreme sports are your thing, and don't go hiking in Scotland if you crave a lazy beach in the sun

- Give yourself time to relax when you get home from your travels. Take an extra day off work to unpack and ease yourself back into your routine

- If the thought of nasty surprises awaiting you at the office is stopping you from enjoying your holiday, make that call to the office to put your mind at rest

- In the weeks after returning from holiday, take time regularly to indulge your wellbeing; see a show, book a massage or do anything else that makes you happy.

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