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Career Change - Kids Or Contracting?

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RSS 25 August 2009
When contemplating a career change away from full time employment, many women may have difficulty deciding whether to go into freelance contracting, or settle down to raise children full time.

When a full time position comes to an end, and without the prospect of an immediate return to work, some women may ask themselves the following question - kids or contracting?

It is, of course, a very personal decision whether to choose kids over a freelance career. Many women look back on their lives later, and wish they'd chosen differently... whichever choice they made. There is no one perfect solution, and the ultimate decision must consider both the positive and negative aspects you'll face in retrospect.

We've been raised, most of us, to believe that motherhood is a sacred calling - and even the working mum has heard it suggested that perhaps she would be happier (or, at least, those observing her life from outside would be happier) if she stayed home with the children. Many women, indeed, find that it is greatly fulfilling to devote their lives to family and children.

For the woman who chooses to remain childless for the sake of her career, there is no doubt that success can be rewarding, and there are often no or few regrets. What regrets there are, in many instances, stem primarily from the judgments and disapproval of others. However, the career woman will frequently look to herself first and foremost for approval, and is not overly burdened by societal pressures.

The working mum can also find herself contemplating, time and again, the benefits of working from home. That is, combining kids with a freelance job. There, she reasons, she can raise her children while working on her career - gaining the best of both worlds. And many such working mums do, in fact, find it a fulfilling and rewarding way to advance both their home lives and their positions in the business world.

Again, the decision is not an easy one, and it is intensely personal. Whichever choice is made affects one's life for many years to come, and it is ultimately up to the individual which choice is right for her.

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