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4 reasons to use an online CV Database

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RSS 30 October 2009
Nowadays, most contractors as well as recruiters find it easier and more convenient to use an online CV database for hiring and job finding.

Sites such as Jobserve and Monster have streamlined the process of matching contractor skills with job openings, even for the difficult to fill vacancies.

So if you're a new to the market contractor, or perhaps even a niche recruiter looking to source quality candidates, here's 4 reasons to use a CV database.

For Contractors:

1. This is the most effective way for job seekers to get noticed and showcase their skills and experience to a mass market of recruiters and paying clients. It is often much quicker than cold calling individual companies and sending through a speculative CV.

Once someone takes a bite, you can then arrange a face to face meeting and wow them with your personality! Remember, CV's only get you in the door - there's still a little way to go before you actually get offered a job.

2. Many if not all of today's recruiters and employers are using job boards and online CV databases - fact. The good news for contractors is that it's usually free to post up your CV. So instead of storing it off-line in some random directory on your laptop that nobody is going to see, start creating accounts with the big CV databases and leverage the full power of the web.

For Recruiters:

3. Searching for the 'right' candidate can be a long and tedious process, even for high-volume PSL accounts. You may well have an extensive in-house database of prospective candidates to call upon, but you'll struggle to compete effectvely without utlising the web in some way. Many recruiters now use online CV databases as part of a holistic strategy to source contractors - can you afford to be left behind?

4. Although most online CV databases will charge you to access their records, it's still a cost effective way of matching candidates with jobs. Where else could you find such a wide pool of prospective applicants to choose from?

The internet savvy recruiters are now spending time refining their search terms and filtering methods in an attempt to locate the right candidate quickly. So, if you're willing to invest a few hours becoming familiar with a particular CV database, it really can make the difference between placing a candidiate or not.

Following the evolution of web 2.0, the process of connecting people has never been easier. CV databases (like social networking and social bookmarking) have their place, but like all things in life there's no magic bullet. That said, if you're willing to make the effort and proactively learn how to use these sites more effectively, it really will make a difference to your success in this is ever changing industry.

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