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Limited company contractors face business name restrictions

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RSS 06 November 2009
Recent legislation has been introduced which will place further restrictions on the name that limited company contractors and freelancers can choose for their business.

A list of 42 words has been published by Companies House which cannot be used to name a new venture as they could be deemed too official or misleading.

According to the Companies House guidance document, if the name you choose includes any of the 42 words, you must write to the appropriate body and ask them whether they object to your chosen name.

As well as these new restrictions, it is advised that anyone considering setting up a limited company should also research company names and trade marks against both the Companies House and the UK Intellectual Property Office registers.

Many contractors and freelancers invest time and money developing a new company brand that identities the services they offer only to discover that others have legal rights to the names.

Companies House has produced 2 guidance booklets concerning the rules regarding limited company names. Copies of "Incorporation and Names" and "Limited Liability Partnership Incorporation and Names" are available by calling the Contact Centre on 0303 1234 500.

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