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REC identifies battlegrounds in 2010

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RSS 10 January 2010
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has highlighted the policy issues which they believe to be the most important for 2010.

They believe that 2010 is going to be a crucial year when it comes to influencing the government and getting ready for the new regulations that will be implemented on the recruitment industry.

Tom Hadley from the REC said that 2010 will be action-packed with several hot issues. In addition to defending our position and reverting matters back to Parliament, we will highlight the progress made in equality and safe recruitment to show that the industry makes a positive contribution. The REC is going to carry on fighting for improved regulations and it is even more important for the industry to retain a collective voice throughout 2010.

For 2010, the REC has set out 7 Key policy campaigns for the industry.

The first stage of their campaign is to defend their position on procurement with the key messages to include balancing cost against quality, the cost benefits of implementing a flexible approach to staffing and the advantages gained from using agencies.

The 2nd stage of their campaign involves the need to work closely with Government and clients on preparing for the implementation of the Agency Workers Directive. This will include creating guidance notes for agencies, and preparing a members tool-kit to help them implement the AWD.

A Youth Employment Taskforce is to be launched to enhance the REC's voice on skills and jobs and help influence labour market policy on a national and EU level.

All workers are required to be signed up for a pension scheme automatically in 2012. This will cause increased administrative implications for agencies and therefore the REC will be working with the Department of Works and Pensions and pension providers to find ways to keep this burden at a minimum.

There are still various tax matters that need to be resolved and the REC will carry on working with the Treasury and HMRC on matters such as VAT, IR35 and the CIS.

It is also important to promote the industry in a positive way and to that end the REC will use the safe recruitment and equality agenda to demonstrate the added advantages to be gained from working with agencies that excel in safe and ethical recruitment.

Finally the REC will carry on working with Parliament to look for new market opportunities and highlight areas where business opportunities are present in other European Union markets.

Anne Fairweather, REC head of public policy, added that the organisation's recent manifesto will take forward its message on issues surrounding employment and skills, business tax and red tape, public sector employment, the benefits of a flexible labour market and the overall regulatory environment.

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