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Name and shame travel and subsistence scheme flouters

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RSS 26 October 2010
Freelancers working in television beware! HMRC has announced that they are going to target TV contractors who use Christopher Lunn & Company for their accountancy needs.

The freelancers who are going to be scrutinised should have already received a letter from the Revenue detailing the reason for the investigation. This reason broadly states that tax returns that have been submitted to the Revenue may, for various reasons, be incorrect.

There are 2 categories for concern; firstly, excessive claims for expenses including travel and subsistence and accountancy charges and secondly that some individuals represented by the accountancy firm falsely claimed self employment status.

The recipients of the letters have until the end of November to disclose any unpaid taxes. Failure to do so could lead to criminal or civil proceedings should any tax irregularities be discovered.

Meanwhile, the REC's industrial recruitment group would like to see a scheme whereby employers who flout the rules surrounding travel and subsistence schemes are publicly named and shamed. This announcement comes in the wake of the government's decision to publicly name employers who breach the National Minimum Wage laws.

The National Minimum Wage for employees aged 21 or over went up from £5.80 per hour to £5.93 per hour as from 1st October and as of January 2011, the government will publicise employers who break the rules. Employers have now got 3 months in which to get their affairs in order.

The chairwoman of REC Industrial, Sally Hewick, said that the government's plans to name people who disobey the rules should be extended to travel and subsistence schemes in order to protect workers from exploitation by unscrupulous employers.

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