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Will the OTS remove the burden of IR35?

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RSS 27 October 2010
The first two reviews being undertaken by the Office of Tax Simplification are progressing well, according to a press statement.

The OTS has also announced that four tax experts have been recruited to join the existing team. These experts, who will have advisory roles, will furnish the Office with their expertise and experience in the public and private sectors.

John Whiting, the tax director at the OTS, said he was delighted to have an experienced team from a wide range of tax backgrounds.

The OTS was founded in July this year to advise the chancellor on taxation matters. When the coalition first came into power, it pledged to simply the UK's taxation system and the work being undertaken by the OTS is the first step in this process. They are currently examining the effects of taxation on small businesses.

The Institute of Directors has made a submission to the OTS in which it labels IR35 as a serious problem. The Institute has laid out a path for solving IR35 issues that affect self-employed contractors but believes these issues will only be resolved if professional advisers and self-employed taxpayers are included in the consultation process.

Since IR35 was introduced in April 200, it has been highly criticised. It aims to deal with the people who claim they are self employed but whom HMRC consider as employees. The IoD believes that the pressures of imposing IR35 far outweigh the benefits especially at a time when HMRC staff could be doing more productive tasks.

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