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Overseas opportunities for contractors and freelancers

A time a when some freelancers and contractors are finding it difficult to source their next contract, there are claims that all you need to do is look further afield.

There are reports that countries such as those in the Gulf region and north west Europe are prime places for freelancers to search for work.

The prospects in the Gulf region are so good that is calling on the Gulf Cooperation Council to do more to raise awareness about jobs in sectors that are in high demand such as project management, business and financial analysis and accounting.

They have published a report that asks the GCC governments to run information campaigns about skills shortages and also introduce specialised training for the unemployed and newly qualified graduates in order to furnish them with the skills necessary to become self-employed.

Confidence is returning to the Gulf region especially in marketing recruitment according to EMR, a global marketing recruiter. They have seen rising revenues over the last 6 months and they believe this is an early indication that employment prospects as a whole are on the mend in the area.

Meanwhile the REC's Technology Group recently held a discussion about how to do business overseas. There has been significant growth in the emerging markets of Brazil, China, India and Russia and these countries were singled out as the best to invest in.

Von Essen Consulting's Compliance Director told the group that he believes it will be the countries in north west Europe that will be rushing to find IT contractors.

Another idea to come out of the discussion came from Gail Williams, International Trade Advisor from UK Trade and Investment who suggested that setting up in one country and then using that as a staging post to begin in another could be a useful manoeuvre.

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