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REC ordered to pay ex-employee £35,000 compensation

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RSS 04 March 2011
A former sales manager with the REC will receive £35,000 compensation after an employment tribunal in London upheld her claim for unfair dismissal.

Maggie Pattinson was made redundant from the REC in 2009. The tribunal concluded that the 11 redundancies the REC made at the time were legitimate because of the economic climate but ruled that the process surrounding her departure was unfair. The REC was criticised for not holding any proper meaningful consultation meetings with Pattinson before her redundancy.

The tribunal also said that it had been completely inappropriate for Kevin Green, the chief executive of the REC, to handle Ms Pattinson's appeal because he had been instrumental in the decision to scrap her position.

Pattinson's job was one of seven made redundant as the REC looked to cut costs during the economic crisis. A few months beforehand, a first round of cuts led to the elimination of the REC's HR department.

The tribunal pointed out that it was not possible to study the notes on the background to the elimination decision as no such notes had been taken during management team meetings. Green said this was because his assistant was in danger of redundancy and therefore excluded from the meetings.

Pattinson had been employed by the REC since 2004 and after the hearing she said she had not taken the case to court simply for the money. It was also about the principle and the way she was treated.

Kevin Green said the REC was extremely disappointed with the tribunal's decision and was considering an appeal on the grounds that it believes its redundancy processes were fair and reasonable.

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