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Can freelancers find work through social media networking?

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RSS 05 March 2011
SMRS, the HR communications firm, has suggested that more than 50% of employers will turn to social media as a means of recruiting this year. According to its research, more than 8 in 10 employers will also post vacancies on online job boards.

Freelancers not using social media might want to rethink their stategy!

The research painted an optimistic picture for the private sector, with 50% of the employers who took part saying they would recruit more people in 2011. Only 7% said they plan to reduce the size of their workforce.

This year, recruitment campaigns will also feature internal talent development projects and staff referral schemes, the study found.

However, another piece of research, this time from StepStone Solutions, showed that a lack of awareness of the advantages of social media was holding many companies back from implementing a successful recruitment campaign.

Furthermore, 28% of HR professionals said corporate policies within their organisation restricted access to some social network sites.

Job candidates are utilising social media in their search for work and 82% respond positively if a contact comes via the medium.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin allow recruiters to advertise vacancies and target them at a specific demographic group. 96% of recruiters realise that it has a role to play in building talent pools but many feel that a lack of corporate support is holding them back.

When you consider that millions of people use social media every day to interact with friends, social recruitment has to be the next logical step.

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