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Queen's speech signals good news for freelancers

While self-employed Brits have been riding the rough waves of the current economic climate for a while, the Queen's latest speech may indicate some more support coming down the pike for freelancers.

The Queen's latest speech, released recently, contained an announcement that may make it easier for self-employed Brits like freelancers, contractors, and sole traders to compete with larger businesses. New legislative reforms, according to the Queen, would be on their way on a specific timeline that would, ostensibly, aid smaller firms to rebuild confidence, expand and grow if wanted.

Helping sole traders and small businesses to grow, which would help in strengthening economic recovery in the UK, has the potential for not just aiding smaller firms to grow and be more competitive, but it would also provide additional opportunities for freelancers, contractors and other self-employed Brits in the form of a higher number of temporary roles. The new endeavour may also provide additional opportunities for permanent workers as well, but with several things complicating matters in the UK at the moment - most clearly the National Living Wage and the possibility of the Brexit - employers are holding off  on relying upon traditional workers to manage their own payroll.

The Queen's speech did not fall on deaf ears, as many trade industry bodies such as the Federation of Small Businesses welcomed the good news.

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Image: Queen Elizabeth II at the University of Leicester by mrschnlps