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Get a Gig From Ikea, The Perfect Economy for Freelancers

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RSS 10 October 2017
The Swedish company Ikea have decided to throw their hat into the gig economy arena with the exciting acquisition of a labour firm.

This particular labour firm is called TaskRabbit and is designed to link up freelance tradespeople with consumers. Obviously, Ikea have millions of consumers in the UK, which makes it a perfect fit.

For example, people who buy merchandise from Ikea stores can then use TaskRabbit to find freelance tradespeople that offer services such as furniture assembly, decorating, cleaning, and carpentry

The TaskRabbit App is easily downloaded onto your smartphone, which means finding freelancers to do these "gigs" is as easy as sending a WhatsApp message or phoning your friend.

Never again will UK consumers have to mess about for hours trying to assemble a wardrobe. Simply use Ikea and TaskRabbit to find a gig worker and let them do the rest.

In my opinion, freelance tradespeople are really going to benefit from this particular deal, mainly because it's now easier than ever before for people to locate their services.

For example, if you are a freelance decorator who wants to find more work then all you have to do is upload your details to TaskRabbit. You are then instantly connected with IKEA customers once they make a purchase, where lot's of potential work and gigs could soon be coming your way.

If you do a good job and get a lot of reviews and testimonials, then expect to be in high demand.

It's definitely better than advertising in your local free paper or posting leaflets. How much business are you getting from those dated methods anyway? Probably not a lot. Digital is the way forward for freelance tradespeople, and TaskRabbit is a great start.

This is what the gig economy is all about...simplicity, for both customers and workers. It basically comes down to supply and demand, and with the push of a button freelancers and clients are "matched" together so jobs can be completed.

Not everybody is on board with the whole gig economy though. As you've no doubt heard, the subject of independent contractors is a hot topic in the news, with some critics pointing out that workers are being taken advantage of and should be given full employee rights.

It's definitely a complicated subject, but in my opinion being a freelance gig worker is the perfect place to be. You get to work when you want, where you want, and at a rate that you set. Millions are freelancers agree with me.

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