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40% of Freelancers Working From Home Are Distracted...

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RSS 28 November 2017
Your home is your castle, and now, a place of work...where freelancers can get important jobs done and make untold amounts of cash.

With big corporations now actively seeking out work from home freelancers, it's safe to assume that the future is very much "on the sofa" and "in your pyjamas"

However, a recent survey suggests that not everything is going smoothly in the freelance world, where they found out that 40% of people working from home are actually less productive and more distracted than when they are in a traditional office environment.

Common distractions according to the survey include housework and talking with friends on the phone, although if you ask me a lot of this is exaggerated

The reason? Because when you are working at home and on your own you typically get more done in less time.

For example, a traditional worker who works 8 hours might get the same amount of work done as a freelancer who works 4 hours. If you ask me I reckon the people behind this survey have got it all wrong and were probably asking the wrong questions.

On the flip side, if 40% of freelancers are not productive enough and getting too distracted by chatting on social media, then that means 60% are getting stuff done and being more productive than those working in an office.

This sounds more like the freelance home working lifestyle that I have been hearing about, where people are more productive than ever before, even if they are sitting around in their pyjamas or watching the TV in the background.

The survey went on to find out that 24% of freelancers who work from home take a break whenever they want to, while 12% take advantage of being able to go for a long lunch.

About 32% said they enjoy working from home and don't miss the office at all, while 60% did admit that running personal errands did sometimes interfere with their work day.

Strangely, 14% of women and 9% of men said they felt guilty about working from home, while 55% of all freelance home workers said they have at some point or another stayed in their pyjamas all day.

It's the Welsh freelancers who are more likely to be still chilling out in their pyjamas come tea time with 70% saying they do it on a regular basis.

The survey concludes with the vast majority of freelancers admitting they only wear smart clothes on visible parts of the body during video calls with clients and co workers. A suit and tie with shorts, no doubt.

In my opinion, the key to becoming less distracted and more productive when working from home as a freelancer is to have a set time when you do your most important tasks. Maybe 2 or 3 hours in the morning where you focus on what needs to get done.

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