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4 Hilarious Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

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RSS 07 November 2017
The traditional way that British workers have quit their jobs is to hand in “2 weeks notice” on a humble A4 piece of paper. Those days are nearly over.

These days, the over worked and under paid employees are going down different routes in order to let their boss know it's time to part ways.

Gone is the polite resignation letter...enter the age of making a big scene and leaving in a blaze of glory. Supposedly.

May I just take this opportunity to remind everybody that quitting in an outrageous way might seem funny at the time and it might even make you feel better.

However, consider that it may hinder your chances of getting future employment and the boss might even hold back any payments you are owed if you decide to cause a scene.

Some people really don't care though, especially those who are planning to quit their jobs and become a freelancer, no doubt. Out with the boss, and in with self employment.

TV reporter quits...live on air

You would think the best way to quit your TV job would be to go quietly into the bosses office and hand them your resignation letter with minimum fuss.

Not so for one reporter, who decided the best way to quit her job was to do it while live on the air and then adding an "f-bomb" into the mix just for good measure.

Everybody quits

At a restaurant in the USA there was obviously a lot of disgruntled employees...so much so that everybody decided to quit at once, from the dish washer to the waiters.

To make matters even worse, they didn't tell the boss, and instead just left a sign on the door telling the general public they were closed for business.

A bit more Vanilla...

If you thought the above two resignations might have been a bit extreme, then perhaps you might agree with something a bit more Vanilla...Ice that is!

A manager of a fast food joint decided to dress himself up as the rap superstar and give everybody (including his boss) a rendition of the classic song "Ice, Ice, Baby." No doubt he slipped the words "I quit" in there as well.

I'm quitting because of PUTIN

There are many reasons why you might want leave for pastures new, such as more money, a change of scenery, or a different career, but to leave because of the Russian President, when you don't even live in Russia? How bizarre.

It happened with a TV presenter, who claimed on live TV that she could no longer work for a network that was funded by the Russian government. Strange, but true.


As thousands of people join the freelance workforce every year, we are going to be seeing more of these unusual but hilarious job resignations.

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