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Freelancers Make 17% More Than 9-to-5'ers

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RSS 18 December 2017
Ever wondered if switching to a freelance career would be a good idea? A new survey gives us the answer you have been looking for.

This new survey spoke at length with 1000 freelancers in a range of different sectors such as finance and tech, and to their surprise, when compared to the average income of the so called "traditional employee," it was the freelancers who came out on top.

About 17% more if the survey is to be believed, where freelance professionals are taking home a nice bit of cash so they can buy the finer things in life.

Another survey which was published last October seems to back up these facts, because after speaking with thousands of freelancers in the USA it was found the average hourly pay for a self employed freelance worker was approximately $20 an hour.

Not bad money if you can get it, especially when you consider many of these people work from home. They get to set their own hours and make a lot more money...it just keeps getting better for the freelance world.

The gig economy is also a place that is becoming more lucrative, despite the bad headlines you are constantly reading in the press. However, it is money that talks, everything else walks, no doubt.

Ride sharing has become a very popular career path in the gig economy, with people all around the world now using their vehicles as a way to make money for themselves rather than a boss.

In the freelance world IT and programming are always skills that will get you paid, as well as engineering and office work. Many of these jobs can be done at home with a laptop and internet connection, although some require a commute.

There is also the opportunity to find freelance jobs in the web design, content writing, video production, and App design areas. All you need to do is check out freelance job sites on a regular basis and you should start to get work.

Again, all of this can be done from the comfort of your own home. This is why so many 9-to-5er's are now swapping the shackles of clocking in and clocking out every day and swapping it with the luxury of getting up when they want and working until whatever time they want.

Should you make the switch? Only you can answer that question of course, but what I do know is that thousands in the UK are embracing a freelance career and enjoying all of the benefits that come with it.

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