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Looking for a Job? Try Freelance Instead...

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RSS 28 February 2017
If you are searching for a job, either full time or part time, then going down your local job centre might be the wrong place to look.

This is according to a new survey, that shows us 76% of job seekers in the UK are interested in going down the freelance route instead of finding traditional employment.

We might not be at the point where this amount of people are going to find work as freelancers, although as I've reported before, some experts are predicting that by 2020 50% of the workforce could be in some way classed as freelance.

A bit ambitious if you ask me, but there is no denying that more people in the UK are looking at freelancing as a viable way to make money and have the lifestyle they want.

The survey also went on to say that 64% of jobseekers would be interested in working abroad if given the opportunity.

Actually, many freelance professionals are doing just that, whether it is finding work with various companies in other countries, or by simply travelling the world while doing freelance jobs from their laptop.

One thing I do know is that for many people this certainly beats working in the same office or factory day after day, week after week...a lot of freelancers are choosing where and how they want to work, and this is no doubt what appeals to many jobseekers as well.

So where should you look if you want to make a freelance income? Fortunately, there are many freelance sites where you can advertise your services and be put in contact with clients.

You can also try contacting companies and individuals directly, who you think might be interested in your skills and freelance service.

The so called "gig economy" is now more in demand than ever before, with many companies looking for freelancers who can offer their skills and get jobs done.

While this all sounds interesting, you must also realise that being a freelancer is probably not for everybody, and it isn't always easy to get started.

It can take a while to build up a portfolio of work and gain trust of clients, while for some people, they might need to spend a few months building up a skill that is valuable to the marketplace.

Then of course there is the issue of whether or not you can actually stick with it. Working as a freelance professional is often completely different to the normal type of work environment where you are constantly surrounded by work colleagues.

Freelancing can be lonely for many people, and this is why after giving it a try for a few months they decide to go back into traditional employment. However, some people find it is exactly what they are looking for, and quickly go on to be a success.

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