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Why Some Freelancers Will Become More Profitable in 2017

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RSS 28 May 2017
Freelancing is becoming more popular in the UK every year, and a recent study suggested that 40% of the workforce could be freelancers by 2020.

Why are so many people turning to freelance work anyway? Well, it typically requires very little capital to get started, and many times all you need is a laptop and internet connection to begin offering your services on a freelance website.

There are many skills that are now highly sought after, with writing, marketing, office tasks, copywriting, web designing, editing, research, and proofreading just some of the skills in demand by companies around the UK.

While it is pretty straight forward to get started, many freelancers have trouble becoming more profitable. It's not always as simple as charging more per hour for your services, especially in a competitive marketplace, so what else is there you can do? Let's take a look...

Set-up a freelance office

Because freelance jobs can usually be done from a laptop, many people start to treat it way too casually and often do their work while watching the TV or even in bed. This is a big mistake, mainly because you just don't take it seriously enough and end up finding it difficult to get the work done.

That is why I always advise people...set-up a freelance office in your home or even rent office space in your town or city. This way you have a dedicated space where you can focus 100% on working and nothing else.

Join more freelance sites

Another way to become more profitable as a freelancer in 2017 is to join more sites where clients are actively looking for your skills. Many people join 1 site, find some work and then never join anymore, but I think this is a big mistake.

The best way to find as much freelance work as you want is to sign-up to many different sites and then actively start bidding on jobs. Also, don't forget to put up a good profile and some samples of your work, so that clients can find you easily.

Use social media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be a distraction, but if used in the right way they can also add to your profitability as a freelance professional.

One social media site that is designed specifically for freelancers and professionals is Linkedin, where you are able to put up a profile and CV, and then connect with people that might be interested in your services.


I'm sure that if you have a dedicated office space, join more freelance sites and use social media sites such as Linkedin, then you will become more profitable in 2017.

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