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Soft Brexit Good for Freelancers? Maybe...

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RSS 13 June 2017
The General Election didn't go as expected and we are now in a position where a “soft Brexit” might be on the cards. Some freelancers are concerned.

Since last week many in the freelance community have been talking about what this hung parliament and minority government will actually mean, and what kind of implications it will have on Brexit? I've wrote before about how Britain leaving the European Union should mean more opportunities for freelance professionals of course.

However, one pundit has recently commented that due to the Prime Ministers fragile position a soft Brexit is now her only real option, and that pushing too hard would probably lead to a complete breakdown of the government and economy...and we don't want that.

So should freelancers be hoping for a soft Brexit instead? My opinion is absolutely not. At the end of the day, the British public went out to vote last year on whether or not we should remain part of the European Union, and the majority, although only a slight majority, voted to leave. If you ask me, the government should now fulfil the wish of the people, and completely remove from the Union.

That is what a democracy is all about, and when a vote has been decided it should all be about taking action...not sitting around and debating on how soft or hard the Brexit should be.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the Prime Minister and her government lost seats in the recent election...too much talk and not enough action. Who knows for sure though.

Other experts are claiming that a soft Brexit will be good for freelancers as the economy will remain more stable. Maybe they are right, but I just think that in the long run it shows weakness in the British government, and ultimately other European countries will continue to take advantage of that.

Now is the time for the leaders of our country to show strength, not more backing down. Sure, a hard Brexit might disturb the UK economy for a while, but as I've mentioned before, in the end I reckon Britain would be better off, and this includes freelancers and the freelance jobs market.

What I do know for sure is that right now is a great time to be a freelance professional in the UK, no matter if there is a soft Brexit, hard Brexit, or even no Brexit...certain skills will always be in demand around the country and companies need talented people to fill these positions.

Most of the time it's a good idea to forget about what is happening with politics and simply focus on yourself and your freelance career.

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