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£400 Million for Freelancers to Work From Home

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RSS 10 July 2017
Most freelancers take working from home for granted, but some people in the UK don't have fast enough internet speeds to make it a reality.

That is why the government are stepping in with £400 million worth of funding to go towards making the internet faster with high speed broadband in certain parts of the country.

This could potentially unlock another £1 billion of investment from private investors, which means we might just see £1.4 billion pounds available to fund the working from home revolution.

Once completed, freelancers in all parts of the country will be able to get online with the click of a button and never have to wait for a video to buffer ever again.

The technology also allows entrepreneurs the ability to connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously, without any loss of speed, which is great for freelance professionals who like to do some work on the laptop and then switch over to the tablet or smartphone.

Another benefit of having fast internet speeds all around the country so that more people can work from home is that it takes pressure off the UK road system.

In many cities and towns it is grid lock around peak times with commuters taking hours to get home. Once more people go freelance, it will be a joy to drive on UK roads once again.

This news also comes at a time when the Culture Minister, Karen Bradley, is set to meet with internet giants such as Facebook, Google, and Apple in a bid to see more investment in the sector of digital services. No doubt there will be plenty of freelance jobs available if the deal goes through.

Back to slow internet speeds, and Peterborough has been identified as one of the places where high speed broadband is desperately needed, mainly because the current speed is very poor.

Connections and download times are often affected at multiple times during the day, which no doubt leaves many freelancers frustrated, and others unable to work from home at all.

Let's hope some of that £1.4 Billion goes towards the Peterborough area then, as well as other areas in the UK that need high speed broadband. In this day and age there really is no excuse for any area in the UK to still have poor internet speeds.

The internet is such an important part of everyday life now, especially for freelancers and people that work from home, that to be without it or to have limited access really isn't on.

Fortunately, once you are fully connected to the internet then it opens a whole world of opportunity for freelance professionals.

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