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Disney Want to Hire Freelance Home Workers

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RSS 11 August 2017
While you might not find Mickey Mouse working from home, it seems that Disney want to hire some of their staff on a freelance basis.

It's just been announced that Disney are looking to hire freelance home workers in the US states of Florida, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.

My insider sources have confirmed to me that if everything goes well with this initial trial run of Disney freelancers then it won't be long until we witness Disney wanting to hire people to work from home in the UK and Europe. Let's wait to see what happens.

The current freelance jobs on offer are in the customer service arena, where the home workers will no doubt have to answer the phone and any emails about all things Disney related.

They might even have to go on live video chats to talk with customers, although it has not yet been confirmed if they have to dress up like Donald Duck.

Regular readers of this blog will be all too aware of the popularity of remote jobs and working on the couch...but not many people would expect to wear a Pluto outfit while doing it. Well, let's wait see if this becomes a reality.

After all, Disney staff members are referred to as "cast members," so it wouldn't surprise me if some of the new freelance home workers got into the role a bit too much.

A spokesperson for Disney recently commented that it is the responsibility of employees to create "magical moments for guests of all ages."

If dressing up as Mickey Mouse wasn't enough, freelance professionals who work for Disney also get very generous pay for the industry, as well as discounts at Disney World and Disney Land.

I'm sure that if Disney ever start hiring freelancers in the UK then they will receive the same kind of benefits, with special deals at places like Euro Disney and money off at the Disney Stores.

Will this happen though? I think it will, because the future does seem to point towards the workforce being a freelance one.

Not only that, but American companies in the UK are always looking for talented and dedicated freelance professionals...take Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google for example, who regularly hire home workers to complete important projects right here in the UK. It's only a matter of time before Disney join the ranks.

The one thing I did notice about the new Disney freelance job description is that they prefer applicants who are bilingual with English and Spanish very much desired, but also if candidates speak other languages then it is sure to give them an advantage in the application process.

That is what I always advise any freelancer to do though...learn another language. Not matter what industry you are in, because it always comes in handy when applying for jobs and makes you stand out against the competition.

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