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Ebay Work From Home Jobs – UK Next?

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RSS 02 October 2018
Regular readers of Freelance Supermarket will be aware of Amazon, Apple, and Disney work from home jobs. Now get ready for eBay...

That's right. Ebay home worker jobs have just been launched in the USA, with thousands of people expected to send in their applications to get a piece of the pie.

Its called the eBay@Home program, and initially it will supply around 300 jobs for freelancers in America.

These are remote jobs which can be done from the comfort of a sofa and while watching TV. Pyjamas should be okay, although I would advise anyone to check with eBay before applying just to make sure.

Competition is expected to be fierce for these eBay work from home jobs, with around 1000 applicants for every 20 positions expected. This means home workers really need to be on top of their game if they want to get accepted and become part of the eBay family.

You might have to skip the TV and really knuckle down to some serious work, which means the "Jeremy Kyle USA" programme will have to wait until your day off.

If you are successful and you get hired by the eBay@Home program then you can expect generous pay, a 401k (whatever that is), some discounts from the eBay website and paid time off.

Not only that, but eBay will also send you a computer and 2 computer monitors (in case one breaks?)...as well as an envelope of cash to help with the costs of high speed internet access and 5 weeks of virtual training from some "work from home masters."

Speaking of work from home masters...who knows more about working from home than us right here at Freelance Supermarket. We have perfected the art of maximum income with minimum effort and I'm sure that is some knowledge which eBay could "tap into."

So if you are reading this eBay then we would be happy to help you with the virtual training so we can whip those new recruits up into shape.

Kind of like a "freelance marine boot camp" - only in our boot camp you don't get up until lunch and you don't need to iron your pyjamas.

We don't come cheap though. If you want to hire us eBay then please be aware we charge some of the highest consulting fees in the industry. That is because we are the number 1 freelance website in the UK and our expert status is through the roof.

In conclusion...stay tuned for eBay work from home jobs in the UK (coming soon) and keep reading the Freelance Supermarket blog every week for expert training.

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