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Say Hello to the Remote Working Revolution

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RSS 26 October 2018
Experts around the UK are telling us to say goodbye to the old and traditional way of working. “Leave the office and factory,” they say.

Gone are the days of commuting for 2 hours a day and laughing at stupid jokes by the water cooler.

Those days are over and never coming back.

Or are they?

Despite the fact that experts are telling us to down tools and start "working remotely," it seems that employers are not listening.

A recent survey shows us that one third of employees are still not given the chance of working remotely from home.

Also, the survey shows us that only 1 in 5 employers think that remote working is a good idea.

In other words, 80% of employers out there are very much AGAINST you working from home.

They would prefer to see you chained to your desk and saying "yes sir" and "no miss."

Just like a prisoner who is chalking off the days on the bare wall...waiting for that retirement (release) date you can finally be free to do what you like.

This is despite the fact that all of these experts on the TV and in the newspapers are singing the praises of remote working.

They are saying it boosts productivity, leads to happier workers, and makes more money.

This is backed up by the remote workers themselves who have gone on record to say they get more done during the day and have less distractions.

So why are so many employees sceptical about remote working? One reason is because they don't trust their employees.

"They will be getting up at noon and sitting around in their pyjamas while watching Jeremy Kyle," the bosses say.

They are right to feel sceptical about the situation because there are some rogues out there who do exactly this...sleeping in bed until lunchtime and going commando, all on the dime of their boss.

The good news (for bosses) is that you don't have to be sceptical anymore. Throw that scepticism right out the window.

Do it right now, and then...

Say hello to remote working software which can track your workers while they work from home.

Think of it like keeping your employees under surveillance, only you don't have to use any kind of CCTV. Instead, you just make them wear some kind of tracking device and all of their activity is logged.

6:30 am - Got out of bed and brushed teeth

6:40am - Got to work

12:45pm - Stopped work and had a ham sandwich

12:55pm - Back to work

You get the idea.

Everything is tracked so you can be confident that your remote workers from home are doing their job and not taking you for a ride.

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