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76% of Home Workers Watch Jeremy Kyle

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RSS 06 November 2018
Here I am at my desk here at Freelance Supermarket HQ. “Nearly time for Jeremy Kyle,” I say to myself.

Then a survey lands on my desk and I start browsing through it...looking for any excuse to throw it directly into my dustbin.

The survey interviewed 1000 home workers in the UK about the best and worst parts of working from home.

I was intrigued so I kept on reading...

Apparently 76% of home workers have watched TV while working, at least once.

As regular readers of Freelance Supermarket are very much aware...there is only one programme that is fit for a freelancer. The Jeremy Kyle show, of course What else? Nothing.

So that is 75% of work from home freelancers who tune in to watch Jeremy and his guests every single day.

What other statistics did the survey have? Well, how about the fact that only 61% of home workers brush their teeth before starting a day of work.

I guess this could have something to with the "kitchen table lifestyle," where freelancers regularly get busy on the kitchen table while still eating their cornflakes and toast. They can get an hour or two of work done and then brush their teeth, no doubt.

The survey then went on to find out that 35% of work from home freelance professionals will nip down the shops while they are supposed to be working.

Also, 32% admitted they go to the gym during work hours. "Get paid to get a pump," is what I say. Your boss pays the cash while you get the muscles. "Keep on pumping," is my advice to all of you home workers out there.

However, the work from home lifestyle is not all watching Jeremy Kyle and bench pressing. There are downsides according to those surveyed.

35% of home workers said they miss talking and interacting with other people during the day. They miss the "water cooler" talk.

22% even admitted their ability to communicate effectively has taken a nose dive since they started working from home.

No doubt some of these home workers hide under the covers until lunch and then ignore the phone or any knocking at the front door.

"Just leave the parcel in the plant pot, I will get it after you leave," they say through the door to a postie in shorts.

"Make sure you close the gate or I will water bomb you," they go on to add.

Yes for those people it might be a good idea to become a bit more social. "Get out more," is my advice.

And now the survey has become boring, and you know what that means, don't you.

"SLAM DUNK...10 POINTS!!" - The survey goes directly into my bin.

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