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New Report: Top 4 Benefits of Freelancing

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RSS 11 December 2018
What are the top 4 benefits of becoming a freelancer you might be wondering? Luckily, a new report has the answers.

Firstly, let me just say that being a freelance professional is no walk in the park. Don't let anybody tell you that it is.

You don't have the security of a steady pay cheque and you might even find some clients who don't want to pay. Which means you have to give chase = more time spent.

Also, let's not forget you don't get paid for taking time off or going on holiday. If you don't plan correctly, then you will be lucky to afford a few days at Skegness in the winter.

Despite this, thousands of UK residents are flocking down the freelance route every single month, and many of those people read Freelance Supermarket on a weekly basis.

We have become the unofficial mouth piece for millions of freelancers in the UK, and we are widely regarded as the unofficial best freelance website in the UK.

Here are the top 4 benefits of freelancing:


The great thing about working for yourself is you can be flexible. This means having a better work life balance and spending more time with family and friends. You can work when you like, and play when you like.


If you disliked being trapped in an office or factory every day then becoming a freelancer is going to change all of that. You suddenly have the freedom to work from wherever you want. You can relax in a coffee shop and do some work or even in a foreign country near the beach. Or just stay at home and work on your sofa. The choice is yours.

No Commute

Stuck in traffic jams and honking at each other is not an idea of fun for most people. If you are tired of sitting in your car or packed on the train then giving the freelance lifestyle a chance may be the way to go. Your morning commute now consists of getting up before lunchtime and finding your way down to the kitchen table.

Follow your passion

What do you really enjoy to do in life? Perhaps you like designing, writing, talking to people on the phone or overseeing projects. Whatever your calling is in life, you get to follow your passion when you become a freelance professional. When you do what you enjoy, then work becomes fun, and working for hours on end is something you can do without a second thought.

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