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34% of Freelancers Are Baby Boomers

Some freelance professionals are just big babies or cry babies...but according to a new survey, 34% are baby boomers.

In the land of USA they did a survey of 1000 freelance professionals and here is what they came up with. 34% of freelancers are baby boomers while another 34% are what you call "Gen Xers." Another 22% identify themselves as Millennials.

If you did the exact same survey here on UK shores I'm sure at least 20% would identify as "Freelance Supermarket Fan."

In other words, the kind of freelance professional who works from home and sets their own hours and doesn't answer to anybody.

Back to the USA and there are currently 57 million Americans who work in some kind of freelance job, either full time or part time. That is around 35% of the population.

The survey also found the fields of writing, marketing, editing, and creative being the most popular choices for American freelance workers, with females being more likely to down tools and fire their boss.

Why are they leaving behind the 9 to 5 grind and walking down their own path? Mostly out of choice, says one expert.

"They are proactively opting out of the traditional workforce," says the expert.

How are these American freelancers finding clients, you might be wondering? Good question, and here is the answer... Mainly through networking, with 62% of freelance professionals getting their face out there on a regular basis.

Another 48% of freelancers go to freelance job sites to find their ideal clients, while 35% turn to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram on a regular basis.

83% do most of their work at home, just like us here at Freelance Supermarket. Here in the UK most of us don't even get out of bed until 11:45pm and then its off to the living room to watch Jeremy Kyle until 2pm. Only after that, is it time to do some work.

I'm sure in America they get up around the same time and then watch the Jeremy Kyle USA show, before doing some work just like us.

We are brothers and sisters, ourselves and the Americans, and it doesn't surprise me that Freelance Supermarket is becoming more popular over there.

We have been accessed from 42 of the 51 States, with many reading our blog on a weekly basis to see what we are getting up to.

Now its time to have our tea here at Freelance Supermarket HQ, and for our American readers...that means something to eat, not a cup of tea like the Queen drinks.

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