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Got No Previous? 4 Work From Home Jobs You Can Do

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RSS 08 February 2018
If you don't have a previous record...of working from home, then you might want to pay very close attention to what I am about to say.

It seems that many people out there want to work from home and be their own boss, but, if the letters and emails I get on a regular basis are to listened to, then it is obvious that many of you out there don't have the experience or skills.

Take freelance IT jobs as an example, the kind where you can work from home from your laptop at the kitchen table. Underwear is required, and even a dressing gown if the neighbours can see into your house.

Well, for most of those freelance IT jobs you will need experience and skills to get your foot in the door, and for most people they are just not prepared to get the necessary qualifications to become one of the "in" crowd.

It doesn't matter though, because even if you have nothing but a pair of underpants, a laptop and internet connection...you can succeed as a freelance work from home professional.

Here are 4 jobs you could do:


Speaking English is not that great and won't give you access to the home working lifestyle, but what if you can speak another language? Many of you out there already have the language skills that allow you to communicate with our worldwide brothers and sisters.

You could turn that into profit. There are many freelance translator job sites out there, and if you are prepared to work hard from the comfort of your sofa then expect to be richly rewarded for your time.


While sales might not come naturally to some people, with others it is something they can do without even breaking a sweat. They could sell ice to Eskimos, and then take home a nice big pay cheque at the end of the week.

No need to travel to the North Pole or Greenland. You can sell from the confines of your house, as there are always companies looking for freelance sales professionals.


Can you play a musical instrument, speak another language, or do you have good ability in a particular subject such as maths? If so, then you might want to try your hand at online tutoring, where people from around the world are prepared to pay for your time.

You can then deliver lessons over platforms such as Skype, and once you have worked for a couple of hours in the morning then you are free to do other more important things...like watch Jeremy Kyle or put on some clothes.

Customer Service

I've reported before of course about how work from home freelancers are dressing up as Donald Duck to offer customer service to Disney customers. All they need is a phone.

The good news is that you don't have to don the Donald Duck costume, although for some of you out there this might be of interest. Normal freelance customer service jobs allow you to work from while doing things like answering calls, replying to emails and other activities

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