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To McDonalds Workers Who Just Want an Easier Life

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RSS 21 March 2018
Thousands of workers in the UK are employed by fast food joint McDonalds but not everybody is “lovin it.” Many are quitting.

Right into the office they march, and without a second thought hand over their resignation letter to Ronald McDonald. "I've had enough," they say to Ronald..."the job is just too...complicated."

Yes you read that right. It seems that McDonalds staff are going to collect their P45's because the job is now more complicated than ever before.

What has changed though, isn't it just flipping burgers? Apparently not. McDonalds staff are complaining about new menus and technology that is making the job more difficult than it should be.

Not only that, but the mobile app is also adding to the confusion, as customers now have the ability to order directly from their phone.

"I've come to get my quarter ponder with cheese," a customer would say after ordering on their phone.

"What quarter pounder with cheese? I don't have any quarter pounder with cheese here," would come the reply from the McDonalds staff.

No doubt a brief argument would then happen between customer and McDonalds worker, before the worker just throws their hands up in the air and shouts, "I have had enough of this!"

With those words they would be gone. Checking in their uniform for one last time and waving goodbye to Ronald McDonald for good.

Where to next, the unemployment line? While some former McDonalds staff might very well head down to their local "signing on" office, I suspect that many might want to become a productive member of society once again.

Sure, they could apply to Burger King or Wimpy, but, in my opinion those jobs might also become too complicated now that technology and apps are the name of the game.

Instead, I'm guessing that many ex McDonalds workers might find their perfect match in the freelance lifestyle...working from home for themselves.

In their previous employment they reported to Mr McDonald (or Ronald as some were allowed to call him), their boss, but, these days they would be the boss.

Isn't becoming a freelance home worker just as difficult as working at McDonalds though? Actually no, especially if you keep it simple and play to your strengths.

For example, Disney are now looking for work from home freelance professionals to perform customer service to their millions of customers. The only requirement for this position is a phone and Donald Duck costume. No technology required.

The truth of the matter is that most freelance jobs that you can do from home are fairly straight forward. You get up when you want, watch Jeremy Kyle for a bit, stay in your pyjamas most of the day, and then...and only then, do a bit of work.

Forget that taskmaster Ronald McDonald. Say hello to your your new job as a freelance professional.

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