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Work For Yourself and Be Happy BUT Work Longer

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RSS 03 April 2018
Despite the message here at Freelance Supermarket being one of work in your pyjamas, it appears that many who work for themselves are more serious.

Serious...but happy, is what one report recently "reported," after they took a look into the lives of 5000 people from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and right here on British shores.

What they reported is that many of these 5000 who work for themselves at home actually work longer hours than when they were employed.

These people can forget about getting up at midday and watching talk shows on ITV...they are setting their alarm clocks at 6am and then getting dressed up in a suit...all to go and sit at the kitchen table. Working from home has never been so serious.

They are happy though, according to the report, and that working for yourself generally gives them more freedom and more job satisfaction.

Yes, job uncertainty is something that can be frustrating, especially in the freelance world, but most people are willing to take the risk so they can enjoy the satisfaction of being their own boss.

The report looked at self employed people in a range of different sectors...such as finance, IT, education and technology, so we can be sure that a broad spectrum of the population has been covered here.

It also found that many of these home workers enjoy more opportunities for innovation and look forward to achieving challenging targets. They are very focused, no doubt.

Not all freelancers fall into this "work 15 hours a day" mindset. Oh no. There are self employed home workers out there who just don't care about innovation and the idea of a challenging target is getting out of bed in the morning.

These freelancers get out of bed when they want...get dressed when they want (if at all)...and can typically be found on the sofa in front of the TV. It's the freelance lifestyle that many dream of.

A lot of people don't want to quit their job where they work long hours, only to replace it with working long hours from home. What a lot of people want is to put their feet up and relax.

Work hard when they have to...yes, but, enjoy life a bit rather than working 15 hours a day.

Everybody is different of course, and while one person might enjoy working in between naps, another person is going to be motivated from 5am to 10pm...work, work, work, and...more work.

Whatever brings you happiness is my motto, and it seems that freelance professionals from all walks of life and mindsets are doing what makes them happy.

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