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Homework For Today is...Freelance

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RSS 08 April 2018
“The dog ate it,” is the typical response that your average school boy or girl gives when they haven't done their homework. Sometimes it works.

Not often though, mainly because through the years teachers have become wise to the excuses of their pupils.

Why are schoolkids staying away from homework anyway? Perhaps it is because they would prefer to be playing with their catapult, reading the beano or practising hop scotch, but, in my opinion it has a lot to do with the fact that most homework is boring and irrelevant.

For example, it recently came to light that around 40% of Americans in the USA identify themselves as "freelancers." I would imagine that the UK are not far behind in that statistic.

When you consider that freelance is the future and many kids now aspire to work for themselves and be their own boss, then you can see why traditional homework is often avoided.

Just like bending over and getting a good caning in the headmasters office...your typical subjects in school could soon be going the way of the dinosaurs as those in charge realise they must find a different way to prepare students for the world of freelance.

Experts in the media are constantly predicting that in 10 years time freelance workers will make up the majority of the workforce in Western nations such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France.

Not only that, but when you consider that robots are expected to get a piece of the freelance pie, then it's essential that school boys and girls are educated in a different way. A way that teaches them what to expect in a futuristic freelance world.

Sure, right now an average freelancer who works from home might only need basic skills such as being able to get out of bed before lunchtime and trying to work out how to turn on their laptop...but in the years to come they will need more skills than ever before.

Picture this: In 50 years time a work from home freelancer will face much different challenges than what freelancers face today.

Flying cars could be whizzing past outside the window and the age of virtual reality might be very much in full swing.

Also, let's not forget those robots. Will they be friend or foe? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that everyone would be well advised to be wary.

It all starts with education of course. Ignore this simple fact and you can expect the millions of freelancers in the future to be like sitting ducks.

Sure, they will get the job done, but it will be the robots who are the overlords if you ask me.

The freelance economy is now worth 1.4 trillion dollars per year in the world. That is 30% more than in 2016. Many Fortune 500 companies prefer to hire work from home freelancers now, especially in fields such as writing, design, IT, and general office tasks.

That is why all schools around the world should start preparing their students for a freelance future, with new subjects and skills that are beneficial rather than glorified dog food when they get homework assignments.

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