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Cavemen and Cavewomen Freelancers Only Worked 3 Hours a Day...

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RSS 10 April 2018
Our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors no doubt had a tough life. Survival was their main goal, but relaxing was a close second.

Most primitive males and females would be what you class as "freelancers." They worked for themselves, set their own hours, and put food on their own tables.

If the tax man came calling, then everybody hid at the back of the cave. Not much has changed in a few million years.

These days, your average work from home freelancer does exactly the same thing (apart from hiding when the tax man comes calling).

Also, let's not forget that your average freelancer doesn't like to get up before lunch, and while sitting at the kitchen table in their pyjamas they often look just like a caveman.

3 hours a day is a good target for any work from freelancer in 2018. No need to do too much work.

Well, according to new research our early man and woman ancestors were not anymore ambitious, commenting that 3 hours a day is what a caveman used to put in...day in and day out.

I would imagine they probably stayed in the cave for most of the day, avoiding daylight where predators could easily spot them.

Even going out to get something to eat could mean a face to face meeting with a sabre tooth tiger. Probably best to stay in bed then.

It was the night when freelance cavemen could leave their cave and go out on the prowl. The hunted, now the hunters.

Of course, it was still dangerous even under the cover of night, and I'm sure that many of our ancestors took the day off, so to speak, in order to put their feet up and enjoy some entertainment.

Unfortunately, TV shows like Jeremy Kyle were not around in prehistoric times, although watching the show now you might be forgiven for thinking it was filmed back then.

Not much has changed over the course of time, and just like back then, freelancers these days all want to work less and make more.

A six figure income with only 3 hours a day of effort is what many freelance professionals aspire to, and who can blame them? Not me.

If you work smart and make the right moves then anything is possible. If early man could do it...then you can do it. No excuses.

In my opinion, if cavemen and cavewomen would have had access to Freelance Supermarket then those 3 hours could have easily become 1.5 hours.

Fortunately, you do have access to Freelance Supermarket, so make sure you read through our blog posts and get ready to take notes. The knowledge is found in every paragraph.

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