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RSS 24 April 2018
One of the first things to greet me this morning at my desk was an article called “6 ways to optimize your work from home routine.”

My first thought was - "why do Americans spell words differently from us Brits, it was us who invented the language, after all."

My second thought was that the article offered some good tips, although I'm sure many Freelance Supermarket fans would like to see our own spin on designing a work from home routine to optimise productivity.

Below are tips from the article and then some ways you can incorporate the tips into your own work day...only in a more Freelance Supermarket friendly way. Let's begin...

Time slots

The first tip in the article is to designate time slots when working from home, in the morning, afternoon and evening. Then stick to these time slots if you really want to become productive.

In Freelance Supermarket "speak," this is all about choosing time slots around Jeremy Kyle. The morning is generally a terrible time to designate a time slot, mainly because Mr Kyle has 2 shows on ITV designed to entertain the nation. The afternoon and evening are good though.

Be comfortable

Back to the article and what the writer suggests is to buy an ergonomic chair for maximum comfort and productivity. They go on to claim that sitting on a sofa or bed all day will harm your back.

The opinion of Freelance Supermarket? "FORGET THAT!" The sofa is your friend when it comes to working from home. Who wants to be sitting in a chair? No-one. Not when you can have your feet up. Your back will be fine.


Another look at the article and they seem to be suggesting that being in constant communication with clients is the way to be more productive. Make sure you are constantly on the phone, emailing or skyping seems to be their message.

Regular readers of Freelance Supermarket will know that our message is very much different. Sure, you do need to communicate, but most of the time you should be just getting on with your work. Shut down communication channels and focus.

Dress up

The writer of the article then goes on to suggest that work from home freelancers should be bathing and dressing up in the morning. It gets you in the professional mindset, according to the article.

Firstly, if you have been reading Freelance Supermarket then you will realise that work from home freelancers have more in common with our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors. Bathing? I don't think so.

Secondly, dressing up in a suit and tie to go and sit at your kitchen table? That doesn't sound like the Freelance Supermarket way that we all know and love. Instead, here the message for freelance professionals is very much "stay in your pyjamas"

Have goals

The last tip from the article is that setting daily goals for yourself is the main thing every freelancer should be doing in order to stay productive. I agree, but in true Freelance Supermarket fashion I am going to suggest that the first goal every work from home freelancer should have is to...get out of bed...before lunch time.

That's right. No need to set your alarm clock too early. As long as you are shuffling downstairs before lunchtime then your main goal of the day has been achieved. Remember, the Jeremy Kyle show can be taped, so don't rush.


After comparing the article "6 ways to optimize your work from home routine" with the "Freelance Supermarket work from home routine," the first thing that immediately becomes clear is that there are only 5 ways, not sure what happened to the last one.

The second thing is that we really don't have much in common with the writer of this article, and despite early optimism, I have now decided to to put the article directly in the bin.

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